NeillyRich EP

by NeillyRich

Released 2014
Released 2014
Matthew and Amelia are a hot Country Duo who, with their chemistry is sure to set the stage on Fire.
We met at The Australian Academy of Country Music in 2012 and fell in love. In January 2013 we launched our Duo NeillyRich and have been performing at venues across The Australian Eastern States and the South Island of New Zealand. We became engaged in September 2013 and finished recording our debut EP in December. This EP has been a dream of both of us individually for a long time and we are excited about the finished product we have created together. The five tracks have actually taken us on a journey from our Traditional Country upbringing to include a modern twist. We are sure we have something that will appeal to every Country Music Fan. The calibar of Producer and Mixer in Simon Johnson, Mastered by Jeff McCormack and musicians used on this EP such as Simon Johnson, Glen Hannah, Tim Horsley, Dave Ristrim, Mike Carr, Mick Albeck and Matt. Amelia did the incredible task of backing vocals to complete this amazing CD. Whilst you listen to the lyrics you may notice a similarity parrallel to your own experiences and this is what we were after. We want you to be able to relate to our journey and come along with us as we explore our life together.
The first track and our debut single Love Hate Kinda Thing, is a song we wrote with Troy Kemp who is a good mate of ours and knows us quite well. We wanted to write about ourselves and our relationship which is not a bed of roses all the time and it is about two people who love each other even when the stage lights go out.
It sure Feels Good To Me is more about our age and the fun we can have with our friends when we relax and unwind. It is also a more modern Contemporary feel and we know this will appeal to just about everyone who has ever had a barbie and party. We wrote this with Troy again and also Jeremy Barnes who happened to drop in and stay and between us and KFC we had fun writing this.
Tapestry of Life is our traditional song that Matt's mum Sandra McNeilly wrote from New Zealand and sent it to us so we could change, cut, turn it on his head, write our own music and we came up with this beautiful song about reflection from one so young to one who is looking back over their life and between us three we believe it says it all.
When You Don't see It Coming is a song Amelia and Mike Carr wrote a couple of years ago about a break-up both had experienced. It is a great view into how sometimes things happen when you least expect it.
The last track Together With You is a song we have been wanting to write with Drew McAlister for a very long time and a song which fully describes the love we have for one another and how we are going to walk this long long road together and we want you to come on that journey with us.